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Jamie Ousterout Headshot

Jamie Ousterout

Client relations superstar, Operations expert, Process guru, project manager

Jamie has spent more than a decade in creative, marketing, and digital companies. She has served clients across various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, technology, and non-profit.

While predominantly working in client service and project management roles, she always has had a keen focus on operations. She graduated from Cornell University in 2009 with a bachelor of arts in English and history. While a native of Colorado, she has lived in the South since 2009 and considers Raleigh home.

Why DEI? I have always been a champion of employee engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion is integral to ensuring that employees can contribute to diverse teams that create truly amazing results. I also believe in constantly learning and have been inspired by leaders who have embraced DEI to create not only sustainable business value, but also a better society for future generations.