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RALEIGH, July 28, 2021 The Diversity Movement (TDM) has named Jackie Choice as Regional Director of Business Strategy to lead business development and growth initiatives in Atlanta. 

Choice is an experienced marketing, sales, and creative professional with more than a decade of experience in supporting client relationships and delivering ROI for businesses and partners. Her strong business and strategic acumen enables organizational leaders to realize how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) unlocks workplace excellence.

The Diversity Movement helps organizations achieve better business outcomes and strengthen organizational cultures by integrating DEI into the core of their culture and operations. Recent studies reveal the ROI of these practices, including: 

  • 9% increase in revenue 
  • Diverse organizations are 70% more likely to capture new market share
  • Better decisions 87% of the time via inclusive decision-making
  • Outperforming the S&P 500, NASDAQ by 50% 
  • 67% of jobseekers saying that diversity is important
  • 60% of consumers want to know what a company stands for before supporting

Going beyond traditional assessment or consulting, The Diversity Movement offers technology products that enable data-driven, innovative solutions that are measurable and transformational. More than “why,” The Diversity Movement focuses on “how” with tactics, tools, resources, and programming. Our technology integrates DEI directly into your company’s DNA via up-to-date resources, easy access to DEI experts, and peer learning opportunities. 

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