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Metrics, an AI-driven platform and portfolio of tools, tracks your overall diversity, equity, and inclusion maturity using our proprietary BI (Business Impact) Score to create a company-wide view of employee sentiment and engagement, talent management, team productivity, and innovation. Using real-time data and business intelligence dashboards, we visualize your organization’s progress, gaps, and opportunities for growth. Our patent-pending methodology integrates data across the enterprise to visualize sentiment and pinpoint areas of the business that need attention while giving you a holistic view of your DEI progress.

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data we collect


• age
• race
• gender


• employee sentiment
• belonging


• pay
• talent development
• growth assignment


• recruitment
• supplier diversity


• succession planning
• promotion
• retention
• ROI of ERGs

DEI Initiatives

• learning progress
• learning engagement

How will Metrics help your company?

  • Automate DEI Insights

    Streamlined reports that visualize and prioritize recommendations to move forward with greatest impact

  • Visualize DEI data

    View dashboards and heatmaps to make it easier to spot issues and identify areas for improvement

  • Benchmark your progress

    See how your efforts compare to organizations of similar size and industry

  • Monitor your DEI roadmap

    Identify what is working across the business or at business unit level and evaluate deficits
    and opportunities for improvement

  • Integrate with your current systems

    Utilize data from existing systems to reduce time to DEI insight and evaluation

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