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Judy Ravin headshot

Judy Ravin

Innovator, Author, President and Co-Founder of Accents International

Judy Ravin (she/her) is the creator of the Ravin Method® of rapid language acquisition and the President and Co-Founder of Accents International. For over twenty-five years, she’s enabled professionals from all language backgrounds to contribute their expertise with greater clarity, confidence, and impact. As the industry leader, she’s earned international recognition for two professional development programs: Powerful Pronunciation® (English pronunciation training for non-native English speakers) and Inclusive Listening: Tuning Your Ear to Accents® (accent comprehension for systematically ‘tuning the ear’ to unfamiliar accents).

Ravin’s communication programs build collaboration and inclusivity while maintaining each person’s unique cultural identity. Her training solutions frequently enable key talent to go from team members to team leaders.

Ravin has authored several textbooks and taught English pronunciation at Cornell University, the University of Michigan, the U.S. Defense Language Institute, and NATO (both U.S. and International Command Centers). 

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune,, the Los Angeles Times, AOL-Daily Finance, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as on, NPR, Voice of America, CBS Radio-National News, and a special report on NBC Nightly News.  

Ravin teaches literacy to young adults who need an extra hand so they can fulfill their dreams and thrive.

Why DEI?: I believe everyone deserves to be heard, and I’m committed to helping organizations create workplaces where all voices contribute with impact. When people are empowered with seamless communication, companies move forward and excel.