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How you communicate is critical to the way you are perceived, how you make other people feel, and the culture you create. Practicing inclusive communications will help your organization build and retain a diverse, productive, and loyal team and attract and retain customers.

To help your organization learn best practices for inclusive language, inclusive listening, and workplace communications, The Diversity Movement recommends our Inclusive Communications 3-part workshop series. Each workshop is 1 hour, can be hosted virtually or in-person, and includes interactive discussion and reflection. We also offer a bonus session for professionals who speak English as an additional language.

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The Interactive Workshop Series Includes:

Inclusive Language Workshop

TDM experts first level set the definition of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially focusing on inclusion. We then highlight the purpose, advantages, and intricacies of inclusive language and share best-practice guidelines for inclusive language, real-world examples of words and terms that may be exclusive, and tips for productive conversations.

Inclusive Listening Workshop: Tuning Your Ear to Accents®

This session is focused on accent bias mitigation. TDM partner Judy Ravin, a professional linguist, facilitates this workshop. During this session, we'll define accents, cover techniques to avoid making snap judgments, share strategies to make English easier to understand for colleagues who speak English as an additional language, review conversational and pronunciation tips to invite inclusion, and practice a methodology to understand unfamiliar accents.

Workplace Communications Workshop

During this session, award-winning communicator and TDM consultant Melanie Sanders will share the necessary skills for impactful, intentional workplace communication, including active listening, communicating clearly to avoid confusion, using appropriate, positive body language, and keeping your composure in every situation. This workshop builds on the previous two workshops to improve and maintain a healthy culture that unlocks workplace excellence for organizations.

Bonus Session - It's Not You, It's the Language

This session is for professionals who speak English as an additional language. TDM partner Judy Ravin, a professional linguist, facilitates this workshop. In an encouraging environment, participants learn how to pronounce the sounds in English they find most challenging. This session is an abridged 1-hour version of their accent reduction flagship program, Powerful Pronunciation®.

Meet the Experts

Judy Ravin

Expert linguist, published author, literacy and communication coach, entrepreneur, and developer of the Ravin Method®

Judy Ravin headshot

Melanie Sanders, CDE

Emmy-nominated journalist, award-winning multimedia producer, accomplished media and communications trainer

Melanie Sanders headshot

Susie Silver, CDE

LGBTQ+ inclusivity specialist, organizational change management expert, entrepreneur, artist, and experienced facilitator

Susie Silver headshot

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate in TDM’s Inclusive Listening program led by Judy Ravin. Judy did an excellent job defining accent bias and sharing specific techniques to avoid making judgements when someone is speaking in an accent different than my own. I walked away understanding everyone has a bias, and the importance of getting to know people for who they are and what they say. Not the way they say it. The next time I hear an accent different from my own, I will challenge my perceptions and initial reactions by utilizing Judy’s conversational and pronunciation tips to invite inclusion and understand unfamiliar accents. This program supported my personal goal to further educate and grow within my ongoing journey to inclusivity.

Amelia Hodges Director of Channel Distribution & Experience, NCACPA

Thank you for an outstanding [Workplace Communications] training session with Abrigo last week. The content was incredibly timely and relevant for our organization. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for noting the how communication impacts business outcomes – we have folks that are keenly interested in how this work drives the business forward, so that was great.

Anna Kurac Senior Director, HR, Abrigo

We are really very pleased with the partnership and your session (inclusive language) received some of the highest positive ratings of any session that we’ve done.

Alex Abbiento Consultant, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Bell

Thank you so much for the time and wonderful (inclusive language) training session on Friday! We all had a great time and found it very insightful!

Linette Coste Edenspiekermann

As an executive professional who identifies as an Ethnic Minority, I thought I knew a lot about inclusion. This [inclusive listening] webinar showed me there is still A LOT left to learn and provided a safe space to an exceptionally valuable education session.

Anonymous TDM Client

Engaging speaker, learned a lot about a topic I hadn't given enough thought to in the past!

Anonymous TDM Client
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