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Meghan Hockaday

Social Media, Content and Brand Strategist

Meghan is a content/brand strategist who is passionate about companies articulately communicating their message to their clients. Meghan attended Appalachian State and received a B.S. in Public Relations and Spanish. She created and executed marketing and public relations campaigns for several local businesses as a part of her school’s PR programs. After school, Meghan worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations before starting her own freelancing business, specializing in social media and marketing strategy. After a few years of running her own business, Meghan joined a startup agency of freelancers, working as a project manager and social media strategist. Meghan joined Walk West last summer as a Content Strategist and enjoys working for a fast-paced team with a common goal. 

Why D&I? I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s when I was 12 years old, and have since lived with consistent chronic pain and additional adrenal fatigue. Living with an “invisible illness” presents unique challenges in everyday life, especially working a 9-5. No one can obviously see the side-effects of invisible disease, and sometimes doubt you when you talk about your symptoms. The isolation that comes with invisible illness makes me passionate about giving a voice and platform for those who are underrepresented.