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Nichole Thompson

Global Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, DEI Champion, Educator

Dr. Nichole Thompson (she/her) is an educator, researcher, and DEI champion with more than 10 years experience working within higher education and 10 years within the private sector, where she’s served in numerous C suite roles. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder and co-owner of a leather goods company based in East Africa with an unwavering support for growing Africa’s economy through sustainable goods and services. At TDM, Dr. Thompson serves as a business strategist where she is responsible for business growth and market development.

Nichole is a conversationalist and enjoys exploring the world, different cultures, and a great audiobook or podcast. She serves as a Board of Trustee member to Bridge Builders of Alabama, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and Saint James School. She is an avid hiker and passionate about the health and wellness of individuals in marginalized communities.

Why DEI? We are not the same! Let me repeat that sentence. We are not the same! Our differences must be viewed as our strengths, and not our deficits. Once we fully embrace the added value of our differences and inclusion becomes a norm, then we will tap into unimagined results in our society, our businesses, educational institutions, and all the other spaces that matter the most to us. Until then, this work continues, and I am fully committed to doing my part.