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Robert Povelones

Senior Developer, Web Accessibility Lead, Supply Chain Expert

Robert is a web developer with a passion for accessibility and usable web interfaces. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications from Clemson University, Robert’s career as a web developer did not start at an agency or even a firm specializing in website development. It began in packaging.

After graduating from Clemson, Robert moved to Alabama to pursue a career as a packaging engineer at a mid-size packaging manufacturer. From there, Robert moved to North Carolina. He took a position at a warehousing and supply chain logistics company that eventually led to becoming general manager over the entire warehousing operation. During this time, Robert also operated a freelance web development company for around 12 years. 

It was during his time as a freelancer that Robert discovered his true passion was in web development. Realizing this, Robert decided to pursue a full-time career as a website developer and took a position at a small digital agency in Durham, NC. It was there Robert learned professional web development, how to communicate more effectively, and how to work within a fast-paced agency setting. Robert helped spearhead the agency’s internal accessibility initiative and agency-wide commitment to making every website accessible for as many users as possible.

Currently, Robert works as the senior developer at a digital agency in Raleigh, focusing on driving development innovation and web accessibility initiatives. 

Why DEI? I’ve always been a believer in being kind to everyone and inclusive of all people, regardless of their background. When I discovered I could do this with web development, everything changed. Now, whenever I build a new website or online interface, I always approach it with accessibility in mind. It gives me a great sense of pride to know the products I am building do not discriminate and are easy for everyone to use, regardless of their disability or impairments. It is my belief that when a website is built this way, it simply becomes a better product for everyone, period.