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RALEIGH, NC (February 8, 2021) – Helping organizations integrate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies into the core of their businesses, The Diversity Movement is branching out on its own to establish itself as the leading resource for DEI counsel, training and implementation. As part of the endeavor, The Diversity Movement achieved its minority business enterprise (MBE) certification on January 20, 2021 and will operate as a separate entity from Walk West to expand its solutions and expertise, moving from diversity and inclusion awareness to action. 

“In less than a year of operation, The Diversity Movement has launched a suite of DEI online learning courses,” said Kurt Merriweather, VP of Products and Innovation at The Diversity Movement and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE®). “This growth is based on our in-house expertise, the strength of our team, and our growing roster of clients. We’re excited to see what this next chapter holds and the impact we can make helping businesses leverage inclusive culture to drive innovation and open new market opportunities.”

Through their data-driven, technology-enabled, expert solutions, The Diversity Movement partners with companies to deliver measurable, transformational results. Offering a variety of capabilities including comprehensive and engaging online learning, diversity certifications, and customized training and consulting, The Diversity Movement approaches DEI initiatives through a business lens, showing organizations how to use leading DEI practices to drive growth, improve recruiting and enhance their culture. 

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are no longer just corporate buzzwords. In fact, business leaders are realizing that, when DEI is a priority, it makes an impact in every part of the organization,” said Abha Bowers, VP of Strategy and Growth at Walk West. “As the second business we’ve incubated and successfully launched, The Diversity Movement has the tools in place to foster a real opportunity for change. We are confident in their ability to truly transform organizations and take charge of this movement.”

About The Diversity Movement:
The Diversity Movement was created by a core team of innovators at Walk West through collaboration with an international group of diversity practitioners, business experts, and marketing leaders to provide a comprehensive set of educational and actionable resources to help organizations move beyond compliance-based thinking to a continuous growth mindset that enables business transformation. Diverse teams that are fully engaged in decision making and execution are more innovative, more profitable, and more productive. Learn more at

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