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Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives for Brands Who Value Supplier Diversity

RALEIGH, N.C. and SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (June 8, 2022) – A commitment to supplier diversity is one of the best ways for businesses and corporate citizens to combat social injustice. The Diversity Movement and the creator matters share a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and their strategic partnership will enable the organizations to combine their expertise to promote DEI in the workplace, the creator space, and global society at large. 

the creator matters works with a wide variety of creative professionals and underrepresented storytellers to help brands partner with the right people, set up the right operational frameworks, and vet technology that will solve problems, not create them. The Diversity Movement brings a complementary suite of services that includes educational opportunities, professional development, transformative events, and technology products designed to unlock the power of diverse teams. 

“We knew we had to work with marginalized creators because all of the stories that we heard were tales of, ‘I cannot show up as myself; some part of me has to be hidden,’” said Bri Gorman, Co-Founder of the creator matters. “Working with marginalized creators is, without even hearing their story, looking at them and knowing they have felt this hurt. We know that there are brands and tech partners that have done this work, walked this path and held up creators. These brands have listened to creators’ stories, their vision, and their fears, and have said, ‘We want you still; we want you more. We want to hear your perspective. We want to give you our baby, our brand, and see what your vision does with it, because you have a story only you can tell.’ That connection, that collective effervescence is the lifeblood of why the creator matters came to exist.”

“Too often, people think diversity and inclusion isn’t worth doing unless it’s a complete overhaul of your organization’s processes and systems. Your DEI efforts don’t have to include changing everything all at once,” said Donald Thompson, chief executive officer at The Diversity Movement. “What’s most important is to lead by example and take small steps to get started today. Supplier diversity – by which I mean tapping more underrepresented and marginalized people for all the things your company needs on a daily basis – is a hugely impactful first step.” 

About The Creator Matters

the creator matters team works with brands committed to diverse teams and the rich, unique, innovative ideas they create together. The founders believe in connecting brands with marginalized creators, helping clients build effective teams, and recommending the right technology tools to move business forward. the creator matters team are untamed, authentic, empathetic humans who love digging into the trenches, creating safe and empowering spaces, building relationship retention, and measuring digital behaviors to influence growth. 

the creator matters exists to create collective effervescent moments by connecting underrepresented, marginalized humans that belong, building frameworks that invite those humans to lean in, and vetting software that won’t get in the way of forward progress. Follow the creator matter’s journey at or the creator matters on Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter.

About The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement offers an employee experience application suite that personalizes DEI for your organization and delivers real-world business outcomes. Our productized DEI journey is built on digital learning tools and content, conversational AI, and analytics. One key offering is our MicroVideo library, a learning platform created to scale DEI learning across the organization. We power scalable and sustainable workplace excellence via a data-driven approach focused on business results. Join the movement at


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