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Business North Carolina magazine recognizes The Diversity Movement as 1 of 25 minority-owned NC companies “thriving” and “excelling” despite continued societal challenges

RALEIGH, February 3, 2022 – For the second time in recent weeks, The Diversity Movement has been recognized for its work powering workplace excellence with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. Business North Carolina (BNC), the state’s only publication dedicated to news, trends, and business culture statewide, recognized the company for its achievements as a minority-owned NC business. 

The BNC recognition follows the news of The Diversity Movement being one of only two North Carolina companies cited in Inc. magazine’s Best in Business for 2021.

At the heart of these accolades is The Diversity Movement’s commitment to delivering real-world business outcomes for its clients through a suite of employee experience applications that personalizes their DEI journey. With 90+ client organizations, the company has transformed the way businesses are addressing these challenging topics through a mix of digital learning, consulting services, and expertly-created and curated content – all while utilizing a data-driven approach that is focused on results.

“Business leaders and managers face challenges navigating the world we now live in, but they also know how critical diversity, equity, and inclusion are in recruiting, retention, and strengthening organizational culture,” said Donald Thompson, chief executive officer and co-founder, The Diversity Movement. “Our employee applications address these concerns, offering clients a way to solve problems and improve their work environments using a data-driven approach that provides bottom-line results.”

With its finger on the pulse of business trends and “the human face of commerce,” Business North Carolina covers the entire state, delivering the latest news, stories, and information to executives, small business owners, and senior-level managers across the state. For its “Dynamic Diversity” recognition, BNC spoke with senior business leaders and employed selection criteria including revenue growth and a demonstrated community impact through innovative products, services, and civic leadership.

About The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement offers an Employee Experience application suite that personalizes DEI for your organization and delivers real-world business outcomes. Our productized DEI journey is built on digital learning tools and content, conversational AI, and analytics. A key offering is our MicroVideo library, a learning platform created to scale DEI learning across the organization. We power scalable and sustainable workplace excellence via a data-driven approach focused on business results.

Our team of experts provides a customized mix of online learning, tools, events, and consulting services that help our partners create future-focused, employee-centered cultures, and better business outcomes. Join the movement at


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