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The Diversity Movement releases song and video focused on equity, inclusion, and diversity in collaboration with singer-songwriter Autumn Nicholas

Raleigh, N.C. (August 25, 2021) — In an era filled with strife, from the global COVID pandemic to political and economic challenges, the drive for a more equitable and just world has never been more meaningful. Focusing on the beauty and hope in all of us, The Diversity Movement worked with North Carolina based singer-songwriter Autumn Nicholas on the song and video Who We Are.”

“Who We Are” is a showcase of multigenerational, multiracial, and multicultural people from across North Carolina. Filmed in the Research Triangle, it features friends, family, and colleagues of The Diversity Movement employees, plus cameos from the NC Courage soccer team, paralympian Desmond Jackson, Ablr CEO John Samuel, and local artist King Nobuyoshi Godwin.

“When organizations build employee-focused cultures where everyone feels welcome and included, people are happier and they do better work,” said Donald Thompson, CEO of The Diversity Movement. “We help create workplaces where everyone can reach their full potential. But one-off diversity training sessions will never make that happen. If you want change, you have to work for it.” 

Asked what drew her to the project, songwriter Autumn Nicholas says she was moved by a quote from a TDM team member: 

“They said ‘we let people borrow our courage.’ And I was so inspired by that. I’d never heard of borrowing courage before, yet we do it all the time. My favorite lyric in the song is ‘take some courage and a little bit of unknown’ because that’s where the difference happens. We all have a little bit of fear that stops us from speaking our truth or speaking up for what we know is right. This song allows you to borrow some courage from it.”

“Who We Are” is available now on through all major music platforms. To learn more about unlocking workplace excellence, visit


About The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement is a results-oriented, data-driven strategic partner for organization-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Our team of experts provides a customized mix of online learning, tools, events, mentorship and consulting services that help our partners create sustainable culture change and better business outcomes. Join the movement at


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