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Sustained collaboration and a customized approach achieved impactful results within six months, and even more within a year

Working with The Diversity Movement truly feels like we're on the same team, and we're part of something bigger. They want Abrigo to succeed just as much as we all do. It's really nice to have a partner that cares about what you're trying to do and wants to help you.

carol howard headshot
Carol Howard Chief People Officer at Abrigo

Abrigo is a leading provider of software solutions to help U.S.-based credit unions and community financial institutions mitigate risk and drive growth. Using their technology, customers can “Make Big Things Happen” by managing everything from fraud detection and loan processing to regulatory compliance. Abrigo is committed to inclusion and the core value of love for others. They know that representation is essential, especially in the tech sector, which historically has not been diverse.

THE CHALLENGE Incomplete diversity initiatives and a lack of clarity on how to drive inclusive behavior internally

Abrigo’s leadership team wanted to expand on their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Yet, being in a fast-paced industry and growth period made it difficult to give those measures the attention they deserved.

In seeking a partner to help develop their long-term DEI strategy, Abrigo wanted a team who knew how to weave DEI into every corner of their business. Impressed with our expanding portfolio of tools and customized solutions to match each company’s strengths, needs, and gaps, Carol Howard, Chief People Officer, knew that TDM would be able to build on Abrigo’s existing infrastructure and offer guidance on an ongoing basis.

THE SOLUTION Comprehensive DEI strategies and educational tools that support continued growth

The Diversity Movement provided Abrigo with a thorough and intentional foundation to meet their current DEI needs and build a successful long-term strategy. To start, we immersed ourselves in Abrigo’s corporate culture, processes, and environment, poring over their internal documents, offering online learning through Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox, and holding company meetings and listening sessions.

Working alongside internal leaders, our team designed a detailed series of DEI goals, outlining opportunities for growth in key areas and charting a clear path to success using milestones, accountability, and metrics to measure progress. Plus, we stay readily available and willing to share our expert advice, resources, and assistance along the way so Abrigo can maintain momentum. No goal slips through the cracks, every issue gets addressed, and everyone’s voice is heard.

Involving TDM made a huge difference in how we set our goals. It’s a blended model, which is great because everybody learns so differently. It’s about educating people and setting that foundation of diversity, inclusion, and belonging [...] I love the fact that we're all learning together.

Carol Howard Chief People Officer at Abrigo

The Result Higher recruitment diversity, enthusiastic employee engagement, and a collective commitment to DEI objectives

With our team of experts at their side, Abrigo was able to develop successful strategies from the start and steadily expand on their DEI goals as they’ve grown. Educational offerings now include additional online courses, guest speakers, and roundtable discussions. 

Both our teams are excited to continue the partnership, knowing that we share a unified vision of a more inclusive world — one where everyone feels welcome, respected, and encouraged to contribute.

  • Staff diversity has improved with an increase of 8% in racial and ethnic diversity, 6% in gender diversity, and 3% in veterans.
  • Hiring managers have learned how to ask questions based solely on competency and recognize unconscious biases that might impact the interview process.
  • Abrigo has established a clear and equitable path for career progression within the company.
  • DEI training is now embedded into new hire orientation.
  • Employee participation is soaring with an 80% completion rate of our online course and active involvement in events, committees, and Employee Resource Groups.
  • DEI benchmarks are shared quarterly with the entire company so everyone remains connected to and invested in the outcome.

“I do not think we'd be as far as we are now if we did not partner with The Diversity Movement. It's nice to have a partner to lean on and talk to about what we should do next.”

Chief People Officer at Abrigo

Boost productivity, build partnerships, and become a diversity champion.

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