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Diversity training produces impactful shifts in hiring practices and boosts employee engagement

TDM didn't come in with a playbook. They assessed what our needs were, and then they created a plan to help address our needs. I've loved the varied approach, taking into account where we're starting and growing us from there.

Michael O’Muireadhaigh headshot
Michael O’Muireadhaigh Director of Culture and Performance, OrthoFi

OrthoFi is a technology-based, Accel-KKR portfolio company offering software and services that simplify the revenue cycle and patient acquisition process for dental and orthodontic practices. The company’s mission is to help providers “start more smiles” by eliminating pricing barriers and giving more patients the ability to access quality dental and orthodontic care.

THE GOAL Develop a cohesive, company-wide diversity strategy to support organizational growth

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are inherent in OrthoFi’s core values and dedication to improving the availability and affordability of quality dental and orthodontic care nationwide. As the company grew, leadership knew they needed to expand upon their DEI initiatives too. 

Initially, OrthoFi attempted to address this work internally through a DEI team. However, without concrete structure and direction, their efforts stalled. The acquisition of another company brought about the additional challenge of implementing comprehensive DEI practices that fostered connection among a larger staff with a wide range of perspectives – many working remotely across twenty-five states. 

The Diversity Movement (TDM) was OrthoFi’s first choice as a DEI consulting partner. Highly recommended by Accel-KKR, OrthoFi was certain TDM’s expertise and relevant experience with other portfolio companies would help them craft a unified DEI organizational strategy.

We were integrating two companies together, which presented some unique challenges. We were very different in a number of ways, and we had to figure out how to bridge the gap.”

Rachel Kopp headshot
Rachel Kopp Vice President of People Operations, OrthoFi

THE SOLUTION A multi-level DEI strategy that emphasizes education to strengthen recruitment and retention

Through employee surveys, listening sessions, and a thorough assessment of OrthoFi’s operations, TDM developed a customized DEI action plan that outlined clear and quantifiable quarterly goals. This strategy allowed OrthoFi to gradually weave DEI into the fabric of their culture and company practices at every level. 

TDM’s educational offerings have played a key role in helping OrthoFi achieve their DEI objectives. TDM’s unconscious bias e-learning course has become a requirement for recruiters to ensure diverse applicants are given equitable opportunities. And their skilled facilitation of live company-wide training, including a virtual privilege walk and a session on unconscious bias, has earned TDM enthusiastic praise. 

OrthoFi employees appreciate TDM’s ability to create a safe, supportive environment for people to learn, share experiences, and cultivate trust and understanding. And leadership values TDM’s ongoing accessibility. When questions, issues, or difficult conversations arise, the TDM team is readily available to offer guidance in identifying the best approach for handling each situation. 

TDM’s ability to connect with us, keep us on track, and make sure that we're being held accountable to the work we say we're going to do has been terrific.

Michael O’Muireadhaigh headshot
Michael O’Muireadhaigh Director of Culture and Performance, OrthoFi

THE RESULTS Increased employee connection and conversation, plus improved mitigation of bias in hiring practices

OrthoFi’s commitment to their DEI action plan enabled the company to make fast progress in less than a year: 

  • Over 60 employees involved in recruitment have completed the mandatory unconscious bias e-learning course.  
  • Recruiters ensure every open position includes a candidate from an underrepresented group in the interview process. 
  • TDM’s educational training has encouraged greater connection and engagement among employees.
  • DEI milestones and updates are shared in the company’s quarterly town hall meetings.  

Throughout the company, there has been a rise in thoughtful conversations around the importance and benefits of DEI. OrthoFi’s staff is invested in the process and excited to continue learning. And because TDM established a solid, strategic foundation to build from, OrthoFi can take consistent action and move forward on their DEI journey with confidence. 

"TDM really is a partner in this journey. They aren't just sending us a presentation with goals and saying ‘good luck.’ It is the ongoing partnership in executing this work, achieving the vision that we worked on collaboratively with them, and holding us accountable as well. It’s a true partnership. It's as if they are a part of our team."

Vice President of People Operations, OrthoFi

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