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Proven strategy, expert instructors, and immediate application in new training program

Raleigh, September 8, 2022 – Diversity leaders are often asked to create transformative change without the hands-on, practical know-how to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives into the fabric of their organizations. In the past, they might have turned to external DEI coursework, but many of these programs concentrate on theory, with little emphasis on real-world application. These leaders need to flip the script to ensure success: from the siloed “DEI Office of One” to being included among the C-suite decision-makers.

Recognizing that diversity leaders are frequently isolated and under-resourced, The Diversity Movement created a new e-learning certificate program to provide practitioners with the skills needed to ensure long-term success. The Diversity Leader’s Intensive centers on three interwoven principles: 

  • Proven strategy: Curriculum built on experience gained from working with 100+ clients and thousands of leaders, managers, and frontline workers globally
  • Expert instructors: Created and instructed by a team of Certified Diversity Executives
  • Immediate application: Moving beyond “what” and “why” to “how”

“The future of workplace excellence is the total employee experience,” said Donald Thompson, chief executive officer at The Diversity Movement. “In survey after survey, managers and employees say they want more skills-based training, which coincides with what we hear from executives and leaders across organizations. The Diversity Leader’s Intensive focuses on areas that are immediately beneficial, from developing strategic plans to getting executive buy-in for DEI initiatives.” 

To overcome the disconnect between application and theory, The Diversity Leader’s Intensive offers a skills-based certificate program that provides the tools DEI leaders need to accomplish near- and long-term objectives. The emphasis on practical solutions to an emerging leader’s most pressing challenges differentiates this program from other corporate learning or university-based efforts, which often focus on overcoming legal issues or checking the box on a compliance form. Instead, the Intensive will give leaders immediate tools for success.

“Working alongside clients each day, I see a common roadblock between setting DEI goals and accomplishing them,” explains Susie Silver, senior consultant and innovation strategist at The Diversity Movement. “Folks understand why DEI is important and can pinpoint areas for growth, but they don’t know how to put together an action plan or measure success. They need training and education that provides practical guidance and tactics that bring DEI initiatives to life.”

For corporate training, the emphasis on hands-on learning creates a positive loop that gives the manager better skills to lead, which in turn gives employees a stronger sense that the organization cares about its people. All roads point to a transformational culture that values workplace excellence.

The training effort, though, needs to link directly to the manager’s or executive’s daily work. “We noticed that nothing exists to teach an organization’s chief diversity officer or primary diversity leader how to do the day-to-day work of DEI transformation,” says Kaela Sosa, curriculum and programming manager at The Diversity Movement. “To overcome this challenge, we have created a holistic, comprehensive program that goes beyond ‘what’ DEI is, to teach practitioners the ‘how’ of applicable management.” 

According to Sosa, “We want diversity leaders to be able to answer difficult questions and have the tools to deal with the many stakeholders that will ultimately determine their success or failure. This training program empowers DEI practitioners to lead successful, sustainable DEI programs for today and into the future.”

Learn more about The Diversity Leader’s Intensive, including session dates.

About The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement offers an employee-experience product suite that personalizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through data, technology, and expert-curated content. The microlearning platform, “Microvideos by The Diversity Movement,” was named one of Fast Company’s2022 World Changing Ideas.” DEI Navigator is a “chief diversity officer in a box” subscription service that provides small- and mid-sized businesses with the tools, advising, and content that leads to action and results. The Diversity Movement powers scalable and sustainable workplace excellence via a data-driven approach focused on business results. Join the movement at


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