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That’s why The Diversity Movement and the American Marketing Association have partnered to create a series of white papers that will provide detailed, actionable advice on how to align marketing practices with DEI principles. These resources will expand on the four categories of the AMA Skills Framework, which organizes the essential knowledge needed by those in the many different areas of the marketing profession.

Marketers have a unique power to shift the social narratives about people and deliver more authentic, inclusive stories. Branding and content is the first skill covered in this series, because it is highly visible – which gives greater potential for public missteps – and it provides a good starting point for building your organization’s overall DEI infrastructure.


Download the White Paper

Download this white paper to learn:

  • the importance of diversity in marketing
  • roadblocks to inclusive marketing
  • case studies of companies that are getting it right
  • simple actions you can take to improve your branding and content marketing through DEI
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