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Multiply your leadership impact exponentially with this companion set of our top bestsellers, The Inclusive Language Handbook and The Inclusive Leadership Handbook.

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The Inclusive Language Handbook: A Guide to Better Communication and Transformational Leadership by Jackie Ferguson and Roxanne Bellamy is designed to help you get comfortable discussing all aspects of human diversity and identity. The authors demonstrate how to consistently use respectful language that promotes inclusion, productivity, and teamwork. You’ll discover professional best practices for choosing words that help every individual feel valued, supported, and motivated. You’ll also learn how to drive positive culture change by spreading the practice of inclusive language throughout your community and organization.

No matter who you are or the work you do, your word choice matters. The Inclusive Language Handbook is a powerful tool in navigating this critical journey toward better organizations, communities, families, and societies.

In a transformational era at home, in communities, and across the globe, success necessitates leadership expertise that is adaptive, culture-centric, and people-driven. The Inclusive Leadership Handbook is a powerful guide that unveils the secrets of inclusive leadership and equips leaders at all levels with the skills and mindset essential in creating innovative, efficient, and collaborative work environments that enable organizations to win in the new economy.

With actionable guidance, hands-on exercises, and engaging prompts that drive home learning for long-term success, the book shows how inclusive leaders not only achieve organizational goals, but also create a culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Created from hundreds of client engagements with leaders globally and millions of data touchpoints, The Inclusive Leadership Handbook is focused on helping you become a strong leader through self-reflection, acknowledging strengths, addressing weaknesses, and understanding the impact of one’s actions on others. The book demonstrates how intentional learning and continuous improvement can elevate leadership abilities.

The Inclusive Leadership Handbook is an essential resource for leaders who aspire to create inclusive work environments where individuals feel valued, inspired, and empowered. Packed with practical strategies and insights, this book challenges traditional notions of leadership and provides a roadmap for leaders to embark on their own transformative journey toward inclusive leadership excellence.

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