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Brentley Wright headshot

Brentley Wright

Entrepreneur & Relationship Builder

Brentley (he/him) is a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and a Cornell certified Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practitioner with a proven track record of success in multicultural business arenas. At The Diversity Movement (TDM), he leads DEI Navigator, the company’s monthly membership service designed exclusively for businesses committed to DEI action and results. As DEI Advisor, Brentley is responsible for driving revenue and cultivating client relationships by providing real-time advice and connecting members with TDM’s certified experts and trusted content.

With a background in telecommunications and financial services sales, he has earned professional certifications in organizational design and behavioral economics. He is also pursuing a Bachelor of Divinity from Grimke Seminary with a focus on Urban Missiology & Leadership.

In addition to his role at TDM, Brentley serves as Board Chair for Accelerating Men, Inc., which aims to mentor young men ages 10-18. Along with helping to shape the nonprofit’s direction through strategic partnerships and DEI best practices, Brentley leads financial literacy training for participants and their parents and teaches inclusive leadership skills.

No matter the demands of work and volunteering, Brentley makes family his number one priority. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Kellie, and two sons, Jaden and Justice. His life’s mission is to be an example of resilience, community action, and empathetic leadership for his sons.

Why DEI?: In order to create a more equitable and inclusive society, we need effective leaders and world-class organizations to lead the way. Diversity, equity, and inclusion principles are how leaders and institutions become great. I know the DEI work that I do today will make the world a better place for my children. 

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