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Headshot of Brentley smiling

Brentley Wright

DEI Champion, Intrapreneur, Brand Ambassador, Thought-Leader

Brentley (he/him) is a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion business practitioner working to achieve workplace excellence in multicultural business arenas with The Diversity Movement. At TDM, he is responsible for leading DEI Navigator, a monthly membership service designed exclusively for small- to medium-sized businesses committed to DEI action and results. As the main point of contact for members, Brentley provides real-time advice to members and is the conduit for members to connect with TDM’s certified experts and trusted content. 

Brentley is a lifelong learner and leader focused on accomplishing transformational workplace change. In 2020, Brentley decided to pursue his passion sparked by the murder of George Floyd by getting in the game for interracial relational healing and workplace employee mobility as a business intrapreneur with a DEI lens. Realizing that this noble calling would require credible education, Brentley pursued the Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University.

In addition, Brentley serves on the Accelerating Men mentorship Board of Directors as chair, DEI, and economic advisor. In this role, he is responsible for shaping the organization’s direction through DEI best practices and teaching young men ages 10-18 financial literacy. In his spare time, he is the host of the Brentley Wright Leadership Podcast: “Leaving Leaders Better Than We Found Them.” Beyond his career, he is in love with his family. 

Why DEI?: Because DEI is authentic, visionary leadership that looks beyond appearance to see the heart of those with a desire to succeed at the highest levels in the workplace and society. 

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