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Brentley Wright headshot

Brentley Wright

Connector, Entrepreneurial Thinker, Speaker

As the Director of Business Development at The Diversity Movement (TDM), Brentley (he/him) is a trailblazer in diversity, equity, and inclusion. A Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and a Cornell-certified DEI practitioner, Brentley brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in multicultural business environments.

In this role, Brentley’s  primary focus is expanding the reach and impact of TDM’s world-changing products and consulting services to ready customers in various business markets. By leveraging his experience, He is instrumental in driving revenue growth and nurturing client relationships. Brentley speaks at various business events, conferences, and writes articles on professional development for aspiring professionals in his LinkedIn community. 

With a solid telecommunications and financial services sales background, Brentley’s skill set is further enhanced by professional organizational design and behavioral economics certifications. He is currently augmenting his expertise with a bachelor of divinity from Grimke Seminary, specializing in urban ministry and inner city leadership.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brentley serves as board chair for Accelerating Men, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to mentoring young men. In addition, he serves as board member for AMIkids Infinity Wake, a non-profit dedicated to providing at-risk youth opportunities to redirect their life. His leadership there, especially in financial literacy and inclusive leadership development, is a testament to his commitment to empowering the next generation. 

The family remains the cornerstone of Brentley’s life. He cherishes time with his wife, Kellie, and their two sons, Jaden and Justice. His life mission is to excel in his career and be a paragon of resilience, community engagement, and empathetic executive leadership for his family.

Why DEI?: I believe in the transformative power of DEI principles in shaping leaders and organizations. My dedication to this cause is driven by a vision of a more equitable and inclusive society – a legacy I aspire to leave for my children and future generations.