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Workshop Overview

In the complex landscape of modern organizations, the role of board members in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives is crucial. This workshop focuses on the distinct perspective and responsibilities of board members, providing them with a confidential space to delve into DEI specifics, seek expert advice, and understand how DEI can be a catalyst for organizational success. Blending traditional education with hands-on exercises and activities, board members will gain a deeper understanding of diversity strategies and initiatives that they can put to use right away.

To ensure maximum relevance, the program includes customized pre-work and pre-assessment. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their organization’s DEI journey and come prepared for engaging discussions. Post-reflection and post-assessment mechanisms measure the effectiveness of the training, offering tangible insights into the impact on board perspectives.

Key Takeaways

This workshop is not the typical, mandated training program. Rather, it’s an immersive experience tailored specifically for board leaders and based on their unique position to lead culture change organization-wide. Join us in reshaping the future of your organization through informed, committed, and strategically engaged board members.

By the end of this engagement, board members will:

    • Develop a profound understanding of DEI, moving beyond general concepts to insights tailored to the board member perspective
    • Grasp the business case by connecting diversity and inclusion initiatives to organizational financial success and resilience
    • Become champions of inclusive leadership
    • Understand how to navigate unconscious bias and microaggressions within board dynamics
    • Learn to use inclusive language as a powerful tool for fostering an inclusive environment at the highest levels of organizational decision-making
A black executive with a diverse team behind him.

Designed for You and Your Team

At TDM, we firmly believe in the power of collective growth. Our courses and workshops are meticulously designed to foster a cohesive, transformative learning experience that taps into the unique dynamics of team environments. This approach ensures that skills learned are not only individual achievements but also become deeply embedded in the team’s DNA, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout your organization.

Here’s why our team-based approach stands out:

  • Unified Learning: When an entire team learns together, they share a common language, set of tools, and experiences. This ensures smoother implementation of new strategies and insights within the organization.
  • Strengthened Bonds: Shared learning experiences foster deeper connections, mutual understanding, and trust among team members.
  • Tailored Experiences: Our workshops and courses can be customized to address specific team dynamics, challenges, and goals, ensuring the most relevant and impactful learning journey.
  • Sustained Impact: A team that learns together supports each other in the application of new knowledge, ensuring long-term retention and continuous improvement.

Ready to Level Up Your Board?

Our workshops are the gateway to a transformed, cohesive, and high-performing team. Reach out to us, and let’s craft your team’s journey to success.