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Association of Molecular Pathology

One scientific association’s dedication to diversity strengthens its membership experience and organizational culture

TDM didn't push us to try to do impossible things. Their action plan was very personalized, very applicable to our society, and very achievable.

Headshot of Mary Williams
Mary Williams Executive Director, AMP

Established in 1995, the Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP) is a nonprofit scientific society of professionals worldwide specializing in the emerging field of molecular diagnostics. AMP is a resource for member education, expertise, and collaboration. They work to further innovation and ensure the availability of high-quality testing for patients.

THE GOAL Enhance and expand commitment to diversity initiatives and increase transparency in programs and practices

AMP was founded with the goal of being a “big tent” membership. As an international scientific society, welcoming a broad spectrum of specialists in molecular diagnostics contributes to advancements in their field and improves patient access to testing and care. 

Though diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) were ingrained in AMP’s core principles, the association’s leadership team recognized areas where their initiatives were insufficient or unclear, such as the board election process. Making a public pledge to membership to strengthen their policies, they began searching for experienced consultants who would ensure their success in holistically incorporating DEI throughout the organization. 

The Diversity Movement (TDM) quickly became AMP’s first choice. TDM demonstrated a deep understanding of AMP’s unique needs and created a personalized proposal that offered flexibility, training, and ongoing support. With TDM, AMP had a trustworthy partner on their DEI journey. 

AMP was already very strong, but we wanted to look for ways we could improve. If you don’t look, you can be unaware of your own shortcomings. TDM clearly put in the effort to understand who we are and what we needed.

Headshot of Mary Williams
Mary Williams Executive Director, AMP

THE SOLUTION A customized and achievable DEI action plan, accessible educational tools, and accountability through membership communication

TDM created a detailed DEI action plan by conducting a thorough organizational assessment. They reviewed AMP’s internal procedures and programs while gathering staff and member feedback through listening sessions and anonymous surveys. 

The DEI goals outlined in TDM’s strategic plan consisted of specific, measurable steps that were attainable within a realistic time frame. The plan’s clarity allowed AMP to integrate these goals into their overall organizational strategy. Meeting each milestone has been motivating and gratifying.  

AMP was also impressed with the training tools TDM introduced to their staff, board, and DEI working group members. TDM’s foundational course, Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox – Essentials, plus their online training on unconscious bias and inclusive language made complex topics approachable and easy to understand. Staff leadership received virtual training as well, including TDM’s privilege walk workshop.

Additionally, TDM and AMP developed a communications framework to keep members informed of AMP’s DEI efforts and progress. This has helped hold AMP accountable and led to increased membership buy-in. 

TDM gave us tactical, operational, and logical steps that we could take to improve. That was very helpful because they took it from concept to action for us.

Headshot of Laurie
Laurie Menser Director of Strategic Development, AMP

THE RESULTS Active engagement from staff and membership plus greater clarity and confidence in association policies

The response throughout the association has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff and board members discuss and apply their DEI training in everyday interactions. AMP members support and appreciate that AMP is making DEI a top priority. 

From the start, the TDM team created an environment where everyone involved in the process felt comfortable offering feedback and asking questions. That trust, combined with TDM’s knowledge and flexibility, has given AMP the momentum to move forward knowing TDM is a partner who can readily adapt and respond to their future needs. 

In just a few months, AMP’s work with TDM produced impactful changes the association can continue to build upon. Highlights among AMP’s accomplishments include: 

  • Publishing a board-approved DEI statement on their website
  • Proposing a bylaws change to expand the number of seats on the board
  • Making changes in the board member nomination process to improve inclusion
  • Infusing DEI topics into educational events both online and in person
  • Setting goals to mitigate potential bias in journal processes

“TDM brings expertise. They very clearly understand the issues, the sensitivities around them, and how to get an organization to the point where they can do this work themselves. They have empowered us to do this ongoing work, and I think all of us will be better for that.”

Director of Strategic Development, AMP

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