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First C-suite appointment bolsters sustained growth across investment, finance, accounting, and operations

RALEIGH, November 15, 2022 – By all measurements, organizations that have women in significant leadership roles are more creative, innovative, collaborative, and profitable. Focusing on creating workplace excellence for its clients, The Diversity Movement continues to build its own leadership capabilities, naming Kristie Davis as Chief Financial Officer. 

Davis strengthens the leadership team at The Diversity Movement via a well-honed strategic and operational lens. Her ability to manage the company financially, while focusing on talent and people operations and investor relations will play a significant role in helping The Diversity Movement achieve its growth objectives. 

Kristie and Donald standing together and smiling
Kristie Davis (left) and Donald Thompson (right)

“Our organization is led by a group of strong women leaders who have powered our phenomenal growth and critically acclaimed products,” said Donald Thompson, chief executive officer and co-founder at The Diversity Movement. “I have seen firsthand how Kristie’s leadership has made our organization more collaborative and profitable while concentrating on building a sense of belonging that ripples through the team.”

Davis has an MBA from the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business at Campbell University. She has more than two decades of leadership experience in accounting, operations, technology, and financial services. Davis is the first C-suite appointment at The Diversity Movement, which has grown to more than 100 clients and been at the heart of hundreds of thousands of DEI conversations with leaders and organizations around the globe. 

“As CFO, I am responsible for creating and overseeing long-term financial growth and operational excellence at The Diversity Movement,” said Kristie Davis, chief financial officer at The Diversity Movement. “As a Black, woman leader though, I realize that I am in a position that few women of color have achieved, so I am grateful that my commitment to TDM’s mission and values have given Donald and our investor group faith in my effort to create a sustainable, truly world-changing organization.”

About The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement offers an employee experience application suite that personalizes DEI for your organization and delivers real-world business outcomes. Our productized DEI journey is built on digital learning tools, content, and analytics. One key offering is our MicroVideo library, a learning platform created to scale DEI learning across the organization. We power scalable and sustainable workplace excellence via a data-driven approach focused on business results. Join the movement at www.the diversity 


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