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June 10, 2020, Raleigh, NCThe Diversity Movement (TDM), announced today it’s entering a formal partnership with Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC), a premier talent acquisition and consulting firm based in Raleigh, NC. This new collaboration builds on The Diversity Movement’s goal to help organizations achieve better business results by employing a more diverse workforce.

“Barfield Revenue Consulting has helped organizations and C-Suite leaders throughout North Carolina recruit and hire key talent to build high-performing teams,” explains Kurt Merriweather, Head of Product and Partnerships at The Diversity Movement. “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Will Barfield and his staff to help companies build a talent pipeline across all dimensions of diversity.”

Joining forces with The Diversity Movement enables Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC) to build on its primary objective of helping companies thrive and increase their revenues by providing the right people for the right jobs at the right companies. 

“I could not be more excited to team up with The Diversity Movement,” says Will Barfield,  President and CEO of BRC. “Prioritization of hiring a diverse workforce is becoming a key initiative for my clients. Companies must reflect the communities they are in and the clients they serve. And they have to create inclusive cultures if they are to advance – and to thrive – in our future global employment landscape.”

As both entities understand, human capital is the most important part of any successful enterprise.  Both teams’ combined experience in consulting and training make this partnership an ideal way to positively impact the marketplace immediately. The Diversity Movement was created by a core team of innovators at Walk West through collaboration with an international group of diversity practitioners, business experts and marketing leaders. They provide a comprehensive set of online courses, videos, podcasts, events and consulting to equip people and their companies with cultural competencies needed to thrive in today’s global economy.  BRC brings 20 years of revenue-generating talent at all levels across multiple industry sectors to clients across the country.  Will Barfield’s commitment to the community is strong, as seen in the many nonprofit organizations he advises and serves. 

The Diversity Movement recently released a webinar featuring Kurt Merriweather and Will Barfield where they delve into Combatting Assumptions About Multi-Generational Diversity. Click here to watch the presentation. 

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Sharon Delaney McCloud

About The Diversity Movement
The Diversity Movement, powered by Walk West, was conceived to help organizations move beyond compliance-based thinking to a mindset that enables business transformation. Diverse teams that are fully engaged in decision making and execution are more innovative, more profitable, and more productive. Learn more at

About Barfield Revenue Consulting
Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC) is a full-service sales consulting and talent acquisition firm. Whether the need is to recruit and hire key sales and marketing talent or to improve a company’s revenue generation capabilities, BRC’s mission is to positively impact revenue as well as the growth trajectory of employers, employees and the overall business marketplace.

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