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Our library of online courses provides in-depth knowledge and competency in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), giving a competitive advantage to professionals in all industries and experience levels. Our courses are self-paced and provide a great experience for all learning styles, accommodates busy schedules, and provides the psychological safety required for learning about complex and nuanced topics.

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Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

5 hours | Intermediate
In TDM's flagship course, go beyond the checkbox to learn how DEI fosters a culture where employees thrive and business outcomes are achieved.

Group of businesspeople in team meeting in office.

The Diversity Leader’s Blueprint to Strategy and Implementation

5 hours | Advanced
Designed for DEI practitioners and executives, this course helps you create a clear DEI roadmap in order to successfully manage sustainable culture change throughout your organization.

Smiling female employee sit in coworking space and working on the project. Front view


Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

1.5 hours | Beginner
This abridged version of our Foundations course is for those who want to learn more about diversity, but may not be in a position to enact a diversity program.

Colleagues discussing project in office.

Inclusive Marketing

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

3 hours | Intermediate
Learn how to win in the marketplace by messaging diverse consumers, ensuring your assets are accessible, and recovering from costly mistakes.

diverse employees working at a table

The ABCs of LGBTQ+

2 hours | Intermediate
Gain a comprehensive understanding of LGBTQ+ fundamentals, tips for allyship, and best practices for inclusion in the workplace.

A Pride flag for a DEI Webinar

Disability Inclusion: Putting Untapped Talent to Work

5 hours | Intermediate
This course shows you how to integrate disability inclusion into the core of your organization’s culture, strategy, and daily operations, so that you can create a more inclusive workplace and increase innovation.

Stock image of diverse colleague collaborating in an open office space. One employee is using a wheelchair

Unconscious Bias

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

1 hour | Beginner
Take a deep dive into what unconscious bias is, who has it, and how to mitigate yours and help others on the journey to manage theirs.

Smiling business team looking at adhesive notes in board room during meeting.

Inclusive Language

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

1 hour | Beginner
Learn best practices for inclusive language and the replacements to 100+ common non-inclusive words and phrases to create the culture you want.

Diverse group of younger professionals talking around a conference room table.

Disability Etiquette: Creating an Environment of Inclusion

1 hour | Beginner
Learn inclusive language for disability inclusion, best practices for respectful behavior, and the overarching principles of disability etiquette.

Stock image of diverse coworkers. Disability Inclusion concept

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The Diversity Movement is proud to be recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities. We’re also proud to be a CAE Registered Provider. Our courses can be taken to fulfill the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential.

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This diversity course delivers impactful content that uncovers the value of diversity and inclusion for all organizations. I've taken several D&I courses and training in the past, but this course still managed to surprise me with not only new and useful information, but also a delightfully unexpected multimedia experience.

Won J You Design Leader and Educator, WJY Studios

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox takes what is a highly topical and critical subject and breaks it down in such a way that it is so easily consumed online. The course really helps to understand the full meaning and implications of embracing diversity - from everyone's perspective. It also helps you to understand how to make it come alive and how it connects to bottom line performance of the business. I highly recommend this course.

John Murphy International Executive Leadership Coach, John Murphy International

Whether you need to understand the business case for inclusive marketing or map out your company’s strategy for engaging with clients and consumers, this course provides the resources you need to create a more inclusive and impactful brand. The hands-on approach and action-oriented focus of this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to champion inclusivity in your organization and drive meaningful change.

Chad Wilson Director of Learning, American Marketing Association

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox offers a fresh and approachable course on Diversity & Inclusion. It is clear that the team really cares about the issue, and numerous videos and spotlights on different people and their experiences make it personal. Information is presented succinctly and is easy to grasp and absorb. I came away knowing – and understanding -- more than I did in the beginning. All around, I would highly recommend this course!

Susanne Meyer Employment Solutions Architect, LCI Tech

The most comprehensive and meticulously thought out DEI course ever. Realistic, business-oriented, innovative, and highly positive approach to DEI programs implementation is exactly what young DEI leaders need to become more self-confident in their own success. The material is easily navigable, accessible to all types of learners, and downloadable. Highly recommend this unique and professional course.

Ekaterina Manannikova (she/her) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Capital Legal Services

As an educator and social justice advocate, I believe that it is everyone's role to ensure a more equitable and just world for everyone. ""Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox"" provides an accessible array of tools for anyone to use to promote diversity and inclusion not only at work, but in their personal lives as well. I think that anyone who takes part in this course will not only walk away more knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion, but also more confident in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Bri Hart Assistant Director, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), NC State University

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