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Digital learning is powerful. It allows us to learn at a deeper level than we would in a traditional classroom or by consuming a stack of dense, dry textbooks. Digital learning also affords those who are visual learners – and others who desire to think deeply about a subject from a different perspective – with the opportunity to do so. 

One of the first steps in my own journey into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a profession was DEI learning at Cornell University. Cornell is an exceptional school with a reputable track record for education. My decision to attend was driven by my uncle’s recommendation – my uncle who happens to be a veteran DEI practitioner, EEO program manager, and Human Resource professional. He recommended the program because he knew that learning about DEI as a career would help me make sense of how to create impact after the murder of George Floyd. His death sparked huge emotion in me, and I was compelled to make a change. 

Attending Cornell, I learned at a high level about the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. My course helped me separate DEI within the workplace from social justice outside of the workplace. It was backed with data, facts, and resources. Going deeper into the field, two years later, I accepted my current role as DEI Advisor with The Diversity Movement. 

Learn more, faster

Here, I’ve witnessed the power of digital learning differently. The Diversity Movement is an organization focused on helping other organizations achieve business outcomes and results through diversity, equity, and inclusion. We pride ourselves on being business strategists with a DEI lens.  

Immersing myself in the culture of this organization, I observed a stark difference from the teaching style presented by Cornell University. The Diversity Movement’s version of DEI online learning allowed me to learn more deeply, and more quickly – working at a pace that allowed me to instantly apply and implement what I was learning. 

Of course, learning from the 10,000-foot view is also necessary, but high-level learning has challenges centered around practicality and actionable takeaways. The Diversity Movement propelled me forward in a more strategic and pragmatic way. Here are 4 ways The Diversity Movement’s digital learning modules help enable the solo DEI practitioner to take action and deliver results. 

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Implement what you’re learning immediately

Learning anything deeply requires deliberate organization. Digital learning that is developed and presented with a systematic approach benefits the learner quicker. As I often tell friends and colleagues, it’s easy to read a 150-page book in 30-45 minutes if the content is organized. In order to have such an approach to your learning, online courses must be developed with the end-goal in mind, similar to the way a great movie script is written or a great story is told. 

Systematic learning is the process of reverse-engineering and working backward from the big idea. Learning DEI in a digital setting does not start with workplace belonging, but with the business case first. Good information is thereby digested quickly and thoughtfully for immediate effect. The Diversity Movement does a great job emphasizing that the goal is better business outcomes through DEI as a tool. 

Keep it simple, not simplistic

Remember the KISS acronym (keep it short and simple)? The Diversity Movement’s DEI online learning courses are simple, but they are far from simplistic. They go deep, and they provide high value, but they never feel confusing or overwhelming. Our experts have mastered the sweet science of being concise and getting straight to the point. That’s one way The Diversity Movement’s elearning courses show respect for you and your time. 

Our digital learning modules also do a great job of capturing your mind to help you think deeply about DEI learning without putting you to sleep. Simple, direct learning like this will help you develop your workplace DEI reflex muscles on serious matters that arise on a day-to-day basis. Keeping it short and simple will allow you to launch effectively as a DEI professional. 

Credibility and expertise

Take the time to review a number of DEI learning platforms and DEI certificate programs, and you will discover that The Diversity Movement’s online courses are as credible as they come. Backed by amazing sources of data and resourceful professional partnerships and created by Certified Diversity Executives, they deliver expertly-written, expertly-curated content from industry-leading professionals and proven business leaders. 

Having deep-rooted partnerships within the business ecosystem – like The Diversity Movement’s strategic partnerships with the American Marketing Association and the digital accessibility experts at Ablr – is potent for our learning as practitioners. Trusted content that is actionable and transferable lends a clear intention and purpose to your mission, charting the path for you to get started with meaningful work as an inclusive leader. 


Bridging the gap between data and storytelling

The Diversity Movement’s online DEI courses bridge the gap between data and stories, creating better information retention and better, more immediate implementation. As DEI practitioners, you must know how to turn data into memorable stories. Doing so will help you build your patience and resilience as an executive in the industry. 

In addition, it will help you broaden your perspective by listening to diverse stories. Learning the stories of others with different human experiences and business challenges will improve your understanding. That is the story of digital learning at The Diversity Movement. 

Learning is a skill. To develop that skill, you will need the right digital learning platform, trusted content, a team of experts, and an organization that is dedicated to your success in the DEI profession. The Diversity Movement is just that.

Start by learning more about our foundational courses, including Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox – Foundations, Disability Inclusion: Putting Untapped Talent to Work, and our comprehensive course for DEI practitioners, The Diversity Leader’s Blueprint to Strategy and Implementation. 

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Brentley Wright is a DEI Advisor for DEI Navigator members at The Diversity Movement. He is a lifelong learner and leader focused on accomplishing transformational workplace change and earned his Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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